Prices of portraits

Size and material Cena/postava Cena/2 postavy

30x40 cm

canvas on board

256 eur 316 eur

40x40 cm

canvas on board

276 eur 344 eur

40x50 cm

40x60 cm

canvas on board

356 eur 424 eur

50x60 cm

50x70 cm

canvas on frame

492 eur 572 eur

50x90 cm

canvas on frame

16.800 Kč 19.900 Kč

60x100 cm

70x120 cm

canvas on frame

744 eur 912 eur

 The calculation is made for the portrait of the head and part of the shoulders. Half-body portrait surcharge per person 80 eur. Portrait of a whole body surcharge per person 120 eur. These supplements are approximate and are determined by individual performance.